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La empresa SAP, firmante del Charter, contribuye al informe de La Comisión Europea

diversity_Today the European Commission has published the report «The Business Case for Diversity in the Workplace: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.»
According to the report, it makes good business sense for companies to try and make their Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Intersex (LGBTI) employees feel more included in the workplace.
LGBTI employees who feel included and supported are more likely to make positive contributions and display a greater commitment to their jobs.  And companies with LGBT-supportive policies may be seen as better companies from which to buy products or for whom to work.
Good practices for promoting LGBTI inclusion within a company include:

  •  networks of LGBTI employees and straight allies
  •  formal regulations such as charters, codes of conduct and company policies
  •  awareness raising or training initiatives

In addition, companies can play a key role in persuading the public to support LGBTI inclusion. Good practices for promoting LGBTI inclusion in wider society include:

  • accurate depictions of LGBTI people in advertisements
  • sponsorship for LGBTI-related events
  • engagement with clients and suppliers

These examples come from an extensive survey that was conducted in companies in the industrial and service sectors. With this report, the Commission aims to provide knowledge and inspiration to companies so that they adopt LGBTI inclusive policies.   This report is one of the initiatives foreseen in the List of Actions by the Commission to advance LGBTI Equality, a framework including a wide range of activities to combat discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics.
Read the full report (en)
Read more about the Commission’s sexual orientation and gender identity policies



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