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How Diversity & Inclusion has to stay relevant

After decades of work on D&I, experts are often asked if more research and additional activities were still needed. One of the globally leading D&I content providers has just published a ‘diversity dialogue‘ on current challenges and next practices.
Do we still need a (new) business case for Diversity & Inclusion and what do we have to do in addition to ‘Unconscious Bias’ training to increase traction? These are some of the questions not easy to answer that Diversity Best Practices had asked Diversity Researcher, Writer & Consultant, Michael Stuber in one of their ‘Diversity Dialogues’.
“The current challenge is to stay relevant”
The interview explores the changing business context and the complexity of different target groups that have multiplied the complexity of D&I work – and the difficulty to stay on top of all the various issues.
“We are still in a learning phase on the business case”
In sharp contrast to the wide-spread notion that the business case was chrystall clear, Stuber explains why it needed regular updating and how latest research insights showed a new path to successful D&I work.
“We must continue to be aware of changing contexts in which we operate”
The global business landscape has impacted the work on D&I in different ways: Some aspects can be addressed universally while others need specific tailoring. The interview discusses Unconscious Bias and ERG in this context.
“We have to unlearn some of the things that made us successful in the past”
Looking at the future, the interview reflects on successful D&I formats and how some of these are likely to change over the years to come. Stuber explains why D&I experts themselves may have to make more efforts to actively lead the change they want to stimulate – by also unlearning some of the things they internalised in the past.
The complete interview can be found here.



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