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Diversity Charter

The Diversity Charter is a CHARTER OF COMMITMENT OF 10 PRINCIPLES that, on a VOLUNTARY basis, companies and institutions of the same country sign, regardless of their size or sector. By signing the charter, companies and institutions commit to promoting the fundamental principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.

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"Diversity management at the workplace must be one of the main human resources priorities for any employer on Europe. This is because when employees are valued for who they are, they are committed to their job and fully employ their talents and creativity. I invite all companies and organisations in Europe, whether a signatory of a Diversity Charter or otherwise, to join the European Commission in celebrating the EU Diversity Month in May 2022 by organizing their own events to put the spotlight on the benefits of inclusive work environments."

Helena Dalli

EU Commissioner for Equality



This year we celebrate the second edition of the EU Diversity Month, an initiative from the European Commission and the EU Platform of Diversity Charters. The objective of this initiative is to celebrate and promote diversity in the workplace.

This project was launched in 26 countries and Fundación para la Diversidad is in charge of coordinating this movement in Spain.



Diversity management is a key aspect in business administration.  It refers to the management and inclusion of diverse workforces where people, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, disability, or religion, are always welcomed.

At Fundación Diversidad we can help you manage diversity and inclusion in your organisation. What are the first steps towards diversity?

  • Sign the Diversity Charter.
  • Participate in the European Diversity Month.
  • Train your team with the free unconscious bias course.
  • Participate in our events and webinars.

And if you want to make a difference, become a member of Fundación Diversidad!

Diversity management is an ethical issue as it aims to ensure equal opportunities in access to employment for everyone, thus creating a respectful working environment. Diversity management is also an important tool in creating a corporate culture that promotes not only inclusion but also innovation. Numerous studies show that having a diverse and heterogeneous workforce is a competitive advantage: a diverse team is also an innovative team. For all these reasons, a commitment to diversity and inclusion is a commitment to social change, business progress and innovation.

For the past two years Fundación para la Diversidad and Fundación La Merced Migraciones have worked together to create the Diversity Calendar. This is a very special document that includes the most relevant dates related to human rights and customs and traditions, both religious and cultural.

  • Human rights: national, European and international dates that commemorate human rights.
  • Customs and traditions: a collection of the most representative cultural celebrations of Spain.
  • Religious dates: a collection of the most relevant religious celebrations, indicating the religion it belongs to.

Keeping this calendar in mind is really useful for organising commemorative, training and promotional activities, among others. It is also an excellent guide for Community Managers to have a wider vision when planning their publications calendar.

In addition to its practical day-to-day use, the calendar is beautifully designed, making it perfect for printing out and hanging in the respective offices so that it can be made available to all staff.