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Business Case sobre cómo aumentar el empleo femenino en el ámbito del transporte

Employment in transport is by far male dominated compared to the rest of the economy. The share of women working in the EU transport sector is only 22% while the share of women working in the entire European Union is 46%. Despite a rich literature explaining the mechanisms and barriers that lead to this imbalance, there is less structured information available concerning the measures companies can implement to overcome these barriers. Besides, there are only anecdotal evidence highlighting the benefits of a more balanced working environment for employers and employees. This raises a key question: how to attract more women to the transport careers and, in particular, to the more technical professions of the sector?
In this study, a number of case studies are performed with companies that are advanced in implementing gender equality policies and measures across all transport modes.0F1 These measures are examined in terms of costs and benefits. Their transferability to smaller, not yet gender balanced, companies is also assessed.
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