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Here at Fundación Diversidad we have launched a free course on Unconscious Bias that is available for any Spanish company interested in educating its employees.

This course aims to help companies and those who work there to understand the processes behind discriminatory acts, raising awareness of diversity, stereotypes, inclusion, prejudices, and unconscious bias that prevent effective inclusion in the company.  The course can also help promote practices and diversity and inclusion policies within organizations.

This training is adapted to those who work in a company, regardless of their position, department, or level.

Raising awareness and promoting diversity practices and policies


The aim of the course is to promote diversity and inclusion in companies, making the employees reflect on discriminatory stereotypes, the types of unconscious bias, the richness of diversity, chains of discrimination, attitudes towards certain groups, etc.

The suggested duration is one month, but each company decides the duration and the start and end dates, so there is total flexibility to adapt the course to the necessities of each organization.


The course can be carried out in several modalities as the training can be adapted to the availability and interests of each company:

  • OPTION 1: Individual learning (Video lessons and online exercises that each participant can do at their own pace and at a time of their choice).
  • OPTION 2:  Learning in small groups of a maximum of 25 people (Face-to-face or online workshop that allows for group dynamics and interaction between participants).
  • OPTION 3: The most complete option, which combines online videos and group workshops.  In addition to the individual learning of each member of the team, group dynamics are carried out.



  • Video lessons for individual learning, with a total duration of 90 minutes. Training divided into 6 different modules on diversity and inclusion that can be carried out in a flexible way at the pace of each participant.
  • Online exercises and test for the individual learning. As a complement to the video lessons, the course offers the participants the possibility to do additional exercises and an evaluation test to assess their knowledge.
  • Guide to organise a face-to-face workshop in the company (7h) or an online workshop (3h). The company decides whether they want to organize a face-to-face or online workshop.
  • Guide for the course coordinators in the company.
  • Tools for the assessment of the results obtained with the course.

We recommend you watch the informative webinar about the course to learn more about its contents and characteristics and the answer to frequently asked questions.

Webinar given by Sonia Río, Director of Fundación Diversidad, and Carla Calado, Project Coordinator of Fundación Aga Khan Portugal.


  1. The company must commit itself and make this course available to its staff, designating a person who will coordinate the course in the company.
  2. An internal launch of the course should be carried out to encourage workers to take the course.
  3. It is necessary to complete the PARTICIPATION EXCEL FORM (direct link below) without changing the format, indicating the name, surnames, and email of all the participants (without written accents or spaces) and send it to [email protected], specifying in the body of the email the name of the coordinators of the course (facilitators) and the name of the company.
  4. Once the inscription is done, each person will receive an email with their access details to the platform directly from The Learning Hub.
  5. Once the course is finished, the coordinators can send the course certificate to each of the participants.

More than 3600 people from 150 different companies in the EU have already taken part in this course.

Encourage your company and your employees to be more inclusive and diverse!