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ventajas de formar parte de la fundacion diversidad


There are several ways in which you can collaborate with Fundación para la Diversidad. Depending on the size of the institution and their interest, we will offer you a set of commitments as well as a variety of activities and benefits that the institution would obtain.

Our partners are those companies that have signed the Diversity Charter, either because of its mission or business vision or because of their inner policies and actions, and are therefore committed to diversity and wish to actively participate in the activities that Fundación Diversidad organizes.



Visibility and Communication

Actively taking part in talks in events organized by Fundación Diversidad and visibility in our social media and website, which include representation of the good practices developed to offer a greater impact of your actions.


Fundación para la Diversidad allows you to connect with the biggest net of companies and institutions committed to diversity and inclusion in Spain and the rest of Europe.

A talk

Aimed to educate and raise awareness among your employees and team. Completely personalized for each partner with participation from the foundation’s General Management or the board.

Guidance consultancy

Personalised advice supported by experts from the foundation on matters such as contact with suppliers, speakers and networking with other companies to learn about best practices, and help in the review of diversity-related proposals.

Do you want to know what our partners think about the activities we organize?

In June of 2021 we carried out a study on the perception our partner companies have of Fundación para la Diversidad in order to learn about their opinion on the work we do. The results were generally very positive and helped us carry on several strategic lines of action that were launched during the previous years. In short, the following aspects stand out: Ability to inspire and open new perspectives in matters of D&I, wide range of topics and activities, proactivity and ability to respond to suggestions, the international outlook that permeates the work of the foundation, and business councils as a useful tool to learn about best practices.

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